Class Action Litigation

Class Action Litigation

The defense of any class action claim is a costly endeavor that has the potential to profoundly damage a company’s long-term outlook. Any business named in a class action suit must retain exceptional legal counsel at the earliest possible stage.

For decades, companies in the energy industry and other industries have placed their trust in Pierce & O’Neill, LLP. Our attorneys defend business and energy clients that face consumer class actions in a wide variety of matters. Some of our representative cases include:

  • Successful defense of multi-national photographic film and camera company in putative class action alleging defects in nationally distributed photo development mini-lab equipment, with alleged damages against client of over $3 billion; following lengthy class certification hearing, trial court refused to certify the case as a class action; case then settled on highly favorable terms
  • Successful defense of putative class action asserting claims for breach of contract, fraud and unjust enrichment, alleging that our client breached various joint operating agreements when it sold volumetric production payments to banks
  • Successful defense of putative class action by plaintiffs alleging improper royalty payments
  • Successful defense of putative class action in which plaintiffs sought to certify a class of 500 – 900 mineral owners who executed drafts of oil and gas leases but who alleged they were not paid lease bonuses
  • Successful defense of putative class action seeking plaintiffs’ portion of severance tax refunds

Procuring The Best Outcome

In all class actions, our lawyers begin by comprehensively evaluating and analyzing the legal, factual and procedural issues in play. Whenever practicable, our objective is to defeat class certification and dismiss the suit outright. As trial lawyers, we are fully prepared to present a compelling defense at trial to protect our clients’ interests. On the other hand, if negotiations are likely to yield the best possible outcome, we will not hesitate to advise our clients to pursue this avenue.

More than anything, we at Pierce & O’Neill pride ourselves on delivering results-oriented, client-centered representation. Our approach enables us to prepare the kind of individually tailored legal strategies that characterize the finest in legal representation.

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