Trade Secret & Noncompete Litigation – Combined

Strong Trade Secret And Noncompete Defense

Proprietary information is of critical importance to any company. The ability to leverage these assets depends in great part on the ability to effectively develop their commercial value. The misappropriation of trade secrets, or the breach of noncompete agreements, must be addressed effectively and decisively.

Take Immediate Protective Action

At Pierce & O’Neill, LLP, our lawyers maintain a strong practice in the defense of trade secrets and intellectual property. Having successfully represented many clients in this field, we instinctively recognize the importance of taking immediate action to accomplish our clients’ objectives. To this end, we file and defend temporary restraining orders and permanent injunctions to protect our clients’ trade secrets.

Our firm’s founders, Jesse Pierce and Jack O’Neill, each draw on more than 40 years of experience assisting some of the most sophisticated, advanced energy and commercial companies in the United States. Together with our team of attorneys, we are attuned to our clients’ needs and are prepared to take the steps necessary in any given matter.

Representative Trade Secret Cases

Some of our representative cases in this area of law are included below:

  • Multimillion-dollar jury award and judgment for client in unfair competition and theft of trade secrets case
  • Represented client in claim for breach of certain covenants of an employment agreement and theft of trade secrets, resulting in a large damages award and injunctive relief in favor of client

Analyze Possible Alternatives

While we are formidable trial attorneys who have achieved great successes in the courtroom, we do not view every trade secret or noncompete dispute as a nail to be hammered at with a trial. Rather, we analyze all possible alternatives, such as negotiations, arbitration and mediation, in order to create a solution that achieves our clients’ immediate and long-term goals.

Success in Trademark Litigation

At Pierce & O’Neill, LLP, we take on a broad range of disputes involving the maintenance and defense of trademark, trade name and trade dress infringement actions for companies across Texas and the United States. Our efforts in this field include representing clients in temporary restraining orders, in preliminary and permanent injunctions, and in trial.

Companies of all sizes and in a broad range of industries rely on the experience of our attorneys when it comes to the prosecution or defense of claims when there are hundreds of millions of dollars or more on the line. For example, founding partner Jack O’Neill was lead counsel in the successful defense of a corporation in a trademark infringement trial. While the plaintiffs sought more than $1 billion in damages, the jury ruled unanimously in favor of the client.

Proven Trademark Success

Furthermore, our lawyers have achieved success in other claims as well, such as the following:

  • Defense of a toy manufacturer in a trademark infringement trial
  • Obtained a favorable ruling from the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals when representing a foreign manufacturer against claims of trademark infringement, copyright infringement and unfair competition

Our lawyers have experience defending other types of intellectual property claims, such as patent, trade secret and copyright infringement. In all matters, our careful judgment, honed over years of practice, helps us identify the strategies most likely to accomplish our clients’ objectives in an effective, economical fashion.